Frequently Asked Questions

Contact our CS. Shipments can be sent using local couriers such as JNE / Tiki. After arriving at our office, we will continue shipping to the destination country.
Because our rates are very competitive and follow the factors of world oil prices and the US dollar exchange rate. Prices may change at any time before payment is made. If payment has been made, the price will not change and we are committed to delivering your goods to the destination with good service and quality.
Goods are insured according to the value of the goods sent. Insurance is subject to 2% of the value of the goods sent. For example, if the goods sent are valued at Rp. 500,000, then the insurance fee is Rp. 10,000
Contact whatsapp +6281338731769 to confirm price, pick up goods / drop off items. After we receive the item, we will confirm the total cost that must be transferred. After the transfer process, we will make a tracking number for your goods.
Every country needs different time. As an illustration, the economic package requires 4-8 work days and the priority package requires 2-5 work days.



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